Spirit Dragons

The Spirit Dragons are a loyalist space marine chapter, currently under penance-in-exile in the Pandora Expanse. Forbidden to take on new recruits, they are nonetheless tasked with the unenviable duty of guarding Pandora’s Door and overseeing the sanctity of Imperial assets in this frontier region of space.

The Spirit Dragons have established a Homeworld-in-exile in the Icarus System, and maintain an bastion monastery in the Pandora system, though not on the station itself.

A reclusive chapter, even for space marine, the Spirit Dragons have a reputation for perpetual suspicion of any outsiders, and maintain a constant vigil over the portal, and for any opportunity to redeem their reputation. Few know the reasons for their original exile, but rumors circulate that they were accomplices in a tech-heresy involving xenos relics and forbidden technologies that also saw the extinguishing of several branches of the duVal dynasty.

The colors of the chapter are teal and yellow, and their signature weapon is the power katana.

  • Guardians of the Portal
  • Perpetual suspicion
  • Over zealous for redemption

Spirit Dragons

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