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The Pandora Expanse is a Rogue Trader campaign based on the Fate 40k rule set.

The Pandora Expanse is a secluded region of space with a trouble history. It is only accessible via a warpstorm-plagued passage known as Pandora’s Door. The far side of passage terminates in the titular Pandora system, and is guarded by the Imperial starfort called Pandora Station.

Major Powers

House duVal —> Sister Erszebet duVal and Basilleus Ferdinand duVal
House Koshkin
House Katascopos
House Crassius of the Tiberian Tribunate
The Syndicate, an organization with a number of criminal ties
Company of Saint Alareik, a militant organization trafficking in tech
Argentum Corporation
The Merchant League

Important Locations

Space Marine Spirit Dragons chapter in the Icarus system
Eldar Craftworld Biel-tan and exodite worlds
Dark Eldar corsairs
Mechanicus Forgeworld Hephaestion
Garden world Persephonne
Shrine world Stele of Saint Augustus
Unexplained remains of the Tau Desolate Enclave, the leaders of whom mysteriously disappeared

Main Page

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