House Crassius

House Crassius is the noble family nominally in charge of the Tiberian Tribunate, a region of space originally settled by Lucius Tiberius the FIrst, of House Tiberius, over a millennia ago. Both House Tiberius and the Tribunate have fallen from their lofty heights since, and more recently, House Crassius has taken over the reigns of the region.

While House Crassius possesses a Warrant of Trade, much of their attention and resource are devoted to maintaining stability in the region. House Crassius has a reputation for skill in political intrigue, though that skill is leverage as often internally as it is directed toward other factions within the Expanse.

Current Leader: Lord-Caesar Marcus Crassius

Main Worlds

Tiber – major hive world (capitol), overcrowded, environmental collapse

House Crassius

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