The Pre-Tiberian Era

circa M20’s – Earliest known human presence settled the region that would become known as the Pandora Expanse. They arrived here during the Dark Age of Technology, via great generation ships. Little else is known about them.
M30 – Gigantic warpstorms engulfed the galaxy, cutting off the Pandora Expanse from contact with the rest of the Imperium.
M31 – It is believed that Pandora Station was constructed during the Great Crusade, which briefly reestablished contact with this region of space by crusader forces led by Saint Augustus; it is believed his tomb resides on the Stele of Saint Augustus. This frontier region of space was quickly forgotten during the chaotic years following the Horus Heresy.
M34 – Warpstorms once again cut off the Pandora Expanse from the Imperium. Contact would not be reestablished again for several millenia.
M39 – Scholars believe the Tau from the Desolate Enclave arrived in the Pandora Expanse at this time, through means unknown, and colonized and subjugated human worlds. Their reign is fierce but brief. The Tau disappear from the region only centuries after their appearance, leaving Gue’vesa colonies in disarray.

The Modern Era

Mid M40Pandora’s Door is rediscovered by Rogue Traders amidst the Halo Stars. Lucius Tiberius the First ventures through the passage. The first rogue traders rediscover many lost Imperial colonies.
Late M40 – Imperial garrison is reestablished at Pandora Station. Worlds are settled and recontacted, eventually becoming part of the Tiberian Tribunate.
Early M41House Tiberius and the Tribunate fall into decline. Several of the rogue trader dynasties operating in the Pandora Expanse establish themselves as rivals competing to fill power vacuum, including House Crassius, House duVal and House Koshkin
Mid M41 – House Crassius assumes leadership of the ailing Tribunate. House duVal enters the cold trade.
70×.M41 – House duVal become embroiled by the Antonio Inquest, eventually to an Exterminatus Order placed on several of their main worlds and the extermination of most of their lineage. The duVal branch operating in the relative seclusion of the Pandora Expanse was spared.
71×.M41 – The Spirit Dragons are sent into penance-in-exile in the Pandora Expanse, as a result of the Antonio Inquest.

999.M41 – Present Day


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