Pandora system

The Pandora system is the far-bound exit point of Pandora’s Door. It was the first system to be colonized within the Pandora Expanse.

Vessels exiting Pandora’s Door enter the system from the solar south, and perform a gravity aided braking pilgrimage around the star. The machine spirits of inbound vessels are guided by satellite servitors to exit the pilgrimage at an oblique orbit to take them on a slowed approach toward Pandora Station.

Important Celestial Bodies

Pandora IV is a rocky planet approximately 3.2 AU from the star. The planet is of little economic or industrial value; however, its primary moon, Triton, is an icy body that serves as the primary supply of water for the system. Its secondary moon, Ceres, has been converted via a series of orbital lamps to a minor agricultural center.

Pandora V is a gas giant. Its moons and asteroid belt have been strip mined over the millennia for the construction, repair and maintenance of Pandora Station, which orbits the star at Pandora V’s L1 Lagrange point. At present, the belt has been reduced to unmineable dust and unsalvageable debris, frequently contributed to during the station’s maintenance cycles. The debris has been known to conceal smugglers and other unsavory persons, and upstanding citizens are advised to steer clear of the planet.

Pandora VIII is a small rocky planet with a highly elliptical orbit. The planet has no strategic or economic value except that it is the Monastery-Outpost of the Spirit Dragons.

Pandora system

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