Pandora Station

Pandora Station is an immense Imperial starfort in the Pandora system, guarding the far side of Pandora’s Door.


Pandora station is divided roughly into three zones: the Concourse, the Underbelly, and the Domes.

The Concourse comprise the outer perimeter of the station, housing the innumerable docking gantries, loading piers, supply umbilical and repair bays that service Imperial vessels of all sizes. Most of the station’s work and trade takes place in the main promenade that rings the Concourse. The Concourse also houses the station’s seven Artillery Bastions, each housing an arsenal of macrocannon batteries.

The lower levels of the Concourse are unofficially termed the Underbelly of the station. Poorly maintained and rarely patrolled by the station’s authorities, these areas have fallen into disuse or have become dens of the less savory inhabitants of the station. These can range from gangs and mutants, to deadly creatures of urban folklore. One such tale tells of a subterranean forest that stretches tens of kilometers through the maintenance corridors, co-opting the life sustainers for its own use.

The interior sections of the station are the seven Domes, which serve as the nerve center of the station and altogether comprise the most prestigious real estate in the system:

  • The Palace houses the control center, governor’s palace and the administrative blockhouses. It also houses the Arbites barracks.
  • The Presidium houses the station’s elites, with many “vacation estates” of rich nobility throughout the sector and the manors for a number of Rogue Trader houses including the duVal Summer Home.
  • The Mechanicus Dome houses the arcane and esoteric Tech Priests that perform the maintenance rituals aboard the station and for the docking vessels.
  • The Cathedral Dome houses the Stelean Congregation who tend to the population’s spiritual needs, and purify traveling vessels of stench of the warp.
  • The Arborium is an environmentally regulated dome containing several biomes supporting a wide variety of fauna and flora from mundane to the exotic.
  • The Dome of Sight has been set aside for the Adeptus Astra Telepathica. It is home to the station’s astropaths who relay communications within the sector and across to the wider Imperium. A number of Navigator Houses also have a presence here.
    * Forgotten Dome is stricken from the records.

Attractions in the Concourse:

Factions and Persons of Note

Planetary Governor Lord-Duke Calion
Pandoran Arbites
The Adeptus Mechanicus Pandoran Conclave
The Stelean Congregation
Naval Quarter: Naval Chief of Ordinance
The Merchant League
The Pierage
The Company of Saint Alareik
The The Syndicate

Pandora Station

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