House duVal

House duVal are amongst the first explorers to return to the Expanse and fund the reintegration of former human worlds into the glorious folds of the Imperium. Even prior to their entry in the expanse, House duVal had already established themselves as a major player in the cold trade market. There were rumors that they obtained forbidden technologies from xenos terribilus. There was perhaps some substance to these rumors as the House became embroiled in what became known as the Antonio Inquest. The inquiries involved the highest levels of the Holy Inquisition. Before long, the House’s reputation laid in tatters, many of its holdings seized or burnt to the ground. Only several distance branches of the family were spared.

Amongst these survivors were the duVals protected by the isolation of the Pandora Expanse. But even so, their innocence could only be ensured at a cost: a child from duVal bloodline must be sent as a hostage to the Ecclesiarchy. In the current generation of duVals, this honor fell to Erszebet duVal, fourth child to Basilleus Patrik duVal.

However, after Basilleus Patrik duVal’s passing, a serious of unfortunate events befell the elder duVal siblings. The Warrant of Trade and the titles of the House inherit according to Absolute Cognatic Primogeniture. Should Erszebet duVal fulfill her induction into the ranks of the Ecclesiarchy, her claim to inheritance would be forfeit, leaving the youngest child Ferdinand duVal as the sole claimant.

Ferdinand duVal was quick in seizing the Warrant of Trade and secure his control of the duVal holdings, making him the de facto Basilleus of the House. However, those opposed to him have secured the release of Erszebet duVal from her Ecclesiarchal obligations, making her the du jure heiress to the house.

Notable People

Notable Locations

House Colors and Insignia

House duVal’s family insignia is a golden sun and halo on a field of red. The house’s colors are red and gold, favoring long stripped patterns.

duVal Dragoons

As with many royal houses, House duVal maintains their own regiment of house armsmen, called the duVal Dragoons. The Dragoons are recruited internally, on duVal holdings and allied colonies. They receive training comparable to mechanized guardsman regiments. Traditionally, the Dragoons were a mounted honor guard for the royal family. The animal tradition continues in the family’s palace guards and the House’s more feral holdings. Most, however, are trained to operate in conjunction with light vehicles.

The common Dragoon trooper wears a sleeveless tabard (soubrevestes) of dark red and yellow, over a drab red tunic. The officers of the Dragoons wear a more distinguished uniform of gold and red, including an iron cuirass. Many adopt the signature weapon of House duVal, the rapier. Officers often invest in a power variant of the weapon. The common trooper is required to service and maintain a las carbine.

House duVal

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