Company of Saint Alareik


  • Interest and ties in all things tech
  • Decorum befitting a knightly order
  • Pretention to nobility

The Company of Saint Alareik is a highly militaristic mercenary organization that operates in Pandora Expanse, with roots tracing back to the Tiberian Tribunate. While they maintain a front as an “aggressive salvage operation” with specialization in military hardware, they are rumored to dabble in archeotech and have heretech ties. They are a major supplier of “salvaged” military hardware and other technologies. They hold little regard for political and bureaucratic governments, and have a history of anarchist dealings that oppose governmental regimes.

On the surface, the Company is a mercenary salvage operation, with a prominent presence on both the open and black markets. They scavenge abandoned technology from ruins and hulks, and sell them to the highest bidder. However, the Company also has connections to military organizations within the Tribunate, and is known to deal with any number of pirates and bandits operating within the Expanse. The Company also possesses its own fleet of warships, and is not opposed to turning competitors into space hulks to facilitate their own salvage operations.

The Company of Saint Alareik has a presence in the Pandora System, operating a salvage yard around Pandora V, within the debris strewn asteroid field there.

Leadership and Saint Alareik

The namesake of the Company, Saint Alareik is purported to be a Tech Priest who worked closely with House Tiberius, who was renowned for his ability to restore ruined technologies. No record of such a Tech Priest survives to date, nor does the Stele of Saint Augustus have any record of a Saint Alareik.

However, the leader of the Company is always referred to as Captain Alareik, regardless of their former given name. Decorum and the chain of command are strictly adhered to within the Company, The current leader has imposed an air of nobility on the traditionally anarchist operation, seeking to be recognized as military order that is a peer of the regional Imperial authorities.

Company of Saint Alareik

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