Saint Celestine

Coyote-class Q-ship refitted as escort carrier

Augury: 2
Engine: 3
Machine Spirit: 2
Maneuverability: 1
Operations: 2
Mass: 3
Complexity: 2
Armor: 1
Void Shields: [ ][ ]
Hull: [ ][ ][ ]
Power: [ ][ ]
Crew: [ ][ ][ ]
Refitted Fighter Bay
Augur Veil
Additional Components: 2
Additional Stunts: 1
* 1 Prow
* 1 Dorsal

Command Throne Bathed in Blood
Possessed and Temperamental Machine Spirit
The Depths Swallow Men Whole

Stunt: Augur Veil
Gain +2 to Machine Spirit when defending against attempt to use Augur Arrays to discern the subsystems and components of the ship. On casual inspection, the Coyote transport resembles a Content Not Found: selenia-transport.


The Saint Celestine is a heavy transport in the service of House duVal. During the height of House duVal’s power, the Saint Celestine was refitted as a Q-ship with disguised armaments to defend the house’s trade convoys, which contained both valuable legal goods and potentially volatile artifacts from the cold trade. It is rumored that a number of xenos artifacts were incorporated into the Saint Celestine, to better defend her from pirates and marauders.

During the interregnum period after the passing of Basilleus Patrik duVal, the Saint Celestine fell under the control of Sister Erszebet duVal and her crew following a very bloody coup that killed off the majority of the crew aboard the ship, include her former C.O. Captain Blake.

Saint Celestine

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