Lord-Duke Calion

Lord-Governor of Pandora Station


Lord-Duke Graecus Zeus Calion “the Lion” is the governor of Pandora Station, holding the rank equivalent of a planetary governor. The importance of Pandora Station to the trade, security and overall welfare of the Expanse makes him one of the most singularly important men in the subsector.

The aging Lord-Duke Calion is considered by many to be reclusive, arrogant, distant and aloof, prone to flights of fancy and stupor. His rule of Pandora Station is considered by most to be laissez faire. Indeed, many merchants and organizations of ill repute conduct regular business onboard the station unmolested. However, the Lord-Duke has exercise draconic measures no fewer than seven times during his rulership, including one incident involving the deployment of Spirit Dragons Drop Pods directly into the station’s superstructure.

The Lord-Duke’s will aboard the station is often seen enforced by the Pandoran Arbites or by ordinance naval troopers from the Naval Quarter. However, his advisers are said to have ties with a number of criminal syndicates operating within the Expanse. The Lord-Duke is also accompanied by his own personal Lion Guard.

Lord-Duke Calion

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