Fate 40k: Pandora Expanse

Extracts from Daran DuVal's log

The taking of Celestine

It was a routine inspection of the ship’s crew and functioning state, but I knew what was about to happen and so did my retinue guard, it was nothing short of mutiny, some would brand us as traitors…but only if we failed, and I was not about to fail right at the beginning.

My guard units were ready to follow me and house DuVal’s true heir to their deaths, a sacrifice I would not make lightly. The corridors were narrow, given the size of the ship, it was not the biggest ship I ever saw, quite old and in disrepair for my taste, but it held huge value nonetheless, we advanced in a 2 man line formation towards the bridge, where hopefully we would find all the senior officers. We were going to murder them in cold blood. The bridges guard seemed well trained and quite trigger happy given the fact that there were other guard units on their ship. The captain approached to greet us, I put a bold in his head and shot him dead, it felt good. My retinue opened fire but we were, as expected, quickly overwhelmed. We picked up priority targets, officers and leftenants and proceeded to fall back, with somewhat heavy losses. It was looking grim. We took a side passage to regroup, and at the corner of my eye I saw him, a brutish looking man, clearly Imperial Guard, but strangely over geared for his rank, he wore a carapace armor, a melta gun in one hand and a helllas carbine with a power pack in his other. He looked more like a soldier of fortune than an honorable member of the imperial guard.

“You there, who are you "
He looked at me.
“Nix” he grunted
“You don’t look like a guard”
“Penal” he said
What luck did the Emperor bestowed upon me this fine day.
“And what are you doing here ?”
“Collecting gear”
Dear lord, he’s either very good or a dimwit, either way I need him.
“Help me take over the ship”
“I’ll make you a leftenant”
“Dont need it”
“What do you want?”
“How about XYZ ?”

He was indeed good, almost like a madman, needless to say, we took the bridge within the hour, and soon after the whole ship gave up. We were victorious, and the victors can’t be traitors.



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