Fate 40k: Pandora Expanse

Expected encounters are never on the red carpet

Second session intro

Erszebet duVal stepped down from the carrier right into the bustling crowd on space port Pandora Station on a gloomy, cloudy day. The sky on the center dome was constantly purple and covered by clouds of a darker shade which gave the whole port an ominous look if not for the busybodies that lingered around the port in search of a job or another.

She was wearing long crimson robes more fit to her rightful status of heiress duVal than to her desired militant rank. Erszebet belonged to the Order of the Silver Cross as Constantia Advance, being in her final stage of the Noviciate without fully confirming her complete devotion to the Imperial Creed yet. Underneath her robes she had a custom-made flak armor designed for her feminine shape which protected the upper body and similar greaves on her legs.

The welcoming committee gave Erszebet an unforgettable first impression by being absent. It was unusual, for Daran had always been on time in the old days. Not many years have passed since her exile to the Sororitas, but enough for both of them to have changed. She was to be the captain and owner of a trade ship and she trusted the old man enough to not worry about paperwork, supplies or the crew. A new life was there waiting for her and all she had to do was to boldly reach out and grasp it, confident in her ability to rule House DuVal. The Sister-to-be understood very well that her brother could not be trusted and assumed that her arrival was kept secret – but so much as Daran to completely miss it? Loud voices drew her attention to the other terminal where a group of people was making more noise than any other on the port.

“ …… told you to ….. terminal X5…. YES, SHE WILL HAVE LUGGAGE YOU IDIOT…..” she heard dispersed words carried by the wind and recognized Daran’s voice.



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