Fate 40k: Pandora Expanse

Always remember a lady's name

First session

“If Daran duVal’s life would ever be written down, I am sure the book would sell millions of copies.” Those were the words Papa duVal chose to use whenever someone asked him why he kept Daran so close to the family when he was not of their own upbringing. He couldn’t be closer to the truth. Even when given such a simple mission as escorting the duVal heiress throughout a relatively well-guarded station Daran’s unique charm proved disastrous.

He gathered an interesting and unexpected group of crew members, far too few to count as an ideal crew, but that didn’t stop him from carrying out his mission. Nix and Tera, while not proving to be the sanest of the bunch, were very useful in keeping him out of trouble. And that trouble had a name, a name he sorely remembered despite the attractive body it came with. Reuniting with Crina was a scene filled with fireworks and lascannon shots, not-so-canny disguises and tram accidents. Yet not all of it proved in vain, for they finally made it to the duVal Summer House where uncle “Banjo”, the senile of the family was more than happy to provide gelts upon gelts for their usual expenses. His steward Carlton however did not share his enthusiasm.

“What happened to Crina? Why was she chased by those horribly dressed thugs? How did she know the way to the Summer Estate?” These would all be valid questions in Daran’s mind if his brain wouldn’t be otherwise clogged with nonsense and Crina’s three sizes, but luckily for him he had a wise medicae and an insane penal soldier to lead him to the right direction. Which had to be in fact their first and only destination: where the Sisters’ ship was docked.

Crina disappeared into the luxurious vaults of the Summer House taken by the steward, her identity discovered and fate unknown. Yet she left Daran a little present in the folds of his commissar coat.
As the little group of scandal made its way to the docks, none was certain that things will go smoothly from then on. Some maybe even didn’t wish it. Yet one thing was for sure: it was Nix and Tera’s time to prove themselves.



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